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1 sided color Glossy Stickers for Walls, Bumpers, Mirrors or any surface

9″x4″ (Bumper Sticker)

A sticker is a very popular for a post advertisement. Our gang run stickers printed full color on glossy UV . The sticker will print at approximately 53.625″x2.125, 3″x4″, 2.75″x4.25″, 4.25″x5.5″, 4″x6″, 9″x4″ (Bumper Sticker), 5.5″x8.5″ and will be trimmed down from there.

Our gang run stickers printed full color with glossy UV.

We offers Atlanta’s best prices on premium, affordable placard printing and graphic design services.

see other sizes Brand Marketing and Brand Design Firm: We are Atlanta, Georgia’s premiere conceptual and design experts. We specialize is Marketing Plans, Printing, Photography, Web Design, Consulting and Graphic Brand Design. Our Postcards, Business Cards, Banners, Compcards, Stickers, Posters, Door Hangers, T-Shirts, Websites, CD Covers, DVD Covers, Marketing Proposals are the best in the business and are top quality for great pricing.


Stickers can be handed out like other marketing products, like leaflets and postcards, but they’re best used as a fun, easygoing promotional tool. To give the campaign the right exposure, it’s best to take advantage of the invaluable potential of stickers by carefully choosing their placement.

In fact, I’d say this is as important as careful designing. The spots you choose should be accessible enough so the promotion is hard to miss. Just make sure you’re acting in the total respect of other people’s spaces.


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